Protest over major new housing development plan for Bishopbriggs site

Residents protest against the development plans at Meadowburn, Bishopbriggs.
Residents protest against the development plans at Meadowburn, Bishopbriggs.

Concern has been expressed over plans for a major new housing development at Bishopbriggs.

CALA Homes wants to build 136 properties, including houses, apartments and affordable homes at a site at Meadowburn, north of Jellyhill.

Many local residents are against the plans, citing fears over increased pressure on roads, schooling and health services.

A spokesperson for the newly formed Jellyhill Meadowburn Campaign Group said: “Many residents are very concerned about the negative impact that the Cala Homes development would have on Bishopbriggs.

“We have serious concerns about the pressure that 136 new homes would have on Bishopbriggs services including roads, schooling and health services.

“There would be chaos on the roads. Bishopbriggs already has significant traffic problems, particularly where the Meadowburn and Balmuildy areas connect to Kirkintilloch Road.

“Bishopbriggs is a pollution hotspot as a result of traffic pollution. Kirkintilloch Road, which has one of the worst levels of air pollution in Scotland, would be unable to cope with additional vehicles brought by the development.

“East Dunbartonshire Council must put the public first and address Bishopbriggs’ current problems of pollution, traffic congestion, schooling and lengthy health service waiting times. To consider putting additional pressure on these already stretched services is ludicrous.

“The area of proposed development is a belt of natural beauty that is abundant with wildlife including protected species. Once this natural area is used up, it’s lost forever.

“Flats and townhouses are out of character with the surrounding area and would radically change its semi-rural nature.

“We are expecting a large number of Bishopbriggs’ residents to write to East Dunbartonshire Council to object to Cala Homes’ planning application after it’s submitted.

“We are keen to provide support to those wishing to make an objection and urge them to contact us at:”

A spokesperson for CALA Homes (West) said: “We can confirm that we are currently proposing a development comprising 136 high quality properties.

“This includes one and two-bed apartments with elevators and balconies, three and four-bed townhouses, four and five-bed homes, as well as a 25 per cent affordable housing mix encompassing a combination of terraced homes and apartments.

“The proposals feature a range of three and four-storey apartment buildings.

“An environmental impact assessment has been carried out and the results of this will be reflected in our future plans and proposals.

“We continue to be guided by East Dunbartonshire Council on all traffic issues and to seek viable access proposals.

“We are currently looking at two potential access points.”