Provost’s appeal boosts funds for Malawi

Raising funds for Malawi
Raising funds for Malawi

A gala dinner and fundraising event hosted by North Lanarkshire Provost Jim Robertson has raised more than £20,400 for the Provost’s Malawi Project.

The event broke through its £20k target.

Provost Jim Robertson said: “When I set a target of raising £20,000 some people thought it was perhaps a little over-ambitious.

“But I had every faith in our supporters and am delighted we topped it by several hundred pounds.

“The next task, and it is a very happy one, will be to decide where the money will be spent.”

Provost Robertson added: “I am anxious we provide something long-term and sustainable so that in 10, 20 or even 40 years our legacy will continue to benefit the disabled of Malawi.”

Pictured (left-right) are Lauren Strain (St Margaret’s HS), Provost Jim Robertson, Provost Eileen Logan, Councillor Jim Logue and Charles Fawcett of the Aiming Higher in Malawi Project