Public toilet problem solved?

Milngavie youth centre
Milngavie youth centre

Milngavie Youth Centre has proposed to make their toilets available for use by the public in return for £50,000 funding from the council.

Liberal Democrat councillor Eric Gotts says that East Dunbartonshire Council has recognised that there is widespread concern locally about the lack of a public toilet facility in the village.

He says they have consulted local groups including Milngavie In Bloom and Milngavie Community Council to find a solution and toilets at the Youth Centre has been the most popular suggestion.

There is also a possibilty that the Youth Centre on Mugdock Road will lease their premises to another organisation during the day to generate additional income and perhaps even create a tourist information facility.

Currently it’s only open in the evening but this means that it could also open during the day.

There are three sets of toilets in the youth centre - male, female and a disabled facility which can be accessed by a ramp.

Councillor Eric Gotts said: “Some of the council’s funding would be used to upgrade the toilets and they would always be manned by adults.

“This building is ideal because of it’s location. It’s right in the centre of the village and near the start of the WHW.

“We think this is a good example of the council working with local the community to solve a problem.

“It’s a much bigger project than just providing toilets as we are enhancing a facility and making better use of it.

“This ticks a lot of boxes and I hope other councillors support it.”