Pupils asked not to eat nuts in school

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A SCHOOL has asked pupils not to eat nuts or nut based products after a child suffered a severe allergic reaction.

Lenzie Academy wrote to parents last week to ask for their cooperation following a recent incident in the school.

In the letter, head teacher Brian Paterson said: “We have 18 young people attending the school who suffer from significant allergies.

“For most this manifests itself as an intolerance to nuts or nut based products.

“One youngster had a severe reaction when a pupil sitting three to four seats away from her opened and began eating a bag of peanuts.

“With this in mind I would request that pupils in Lenzie Academy do not bring into school or consume nuts or nut based products.

“Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.”

However, one parent with children at Lenzie Academy described the move as “ludicrous”.

She said: “It’s a shame for the pupils with allergies and I do feel for them, but there’s around 1,400 pupils at the school and they can’t possibly ask them not to eat nuts.”

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