Pupils ‘Bolt’ to school canteen

Holy Family PS
Holy Family PS

Spicy bean bars, rainbow rice and pineapple upside down cake were just some of the delights on school menus as the Culinary Games kicked off.

Schools around Scotland themed their menus to reflect meals from around the Commonwealth in support of International School Meals Day.

Each Scottish local authority has been allocated a second and third team by SportScotland.

A full themed menu has been created celebrating the food of their chosen country and for East Dumbartonshire, the children got a little taste of Jamaica - the home of Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

Councillor Ashay Ghai, depute leader of the council and convenor of neighbourhood services, said: “We are supporting one of our second teams, Jamaica, by tucking into some of their tastiest treats, but also taking the opportunity to include some Fairtrade elements.

The Fairtrade ingredients included Kilombero rice from Malawi, pineapple jam, bananas for the fruit salad as well as Fairtrade fruit juice.

P7 pupil Lara Docherty was delighted when her recipe for Jamaican chicken curry with rainbow rice was selected for the menu.

She said: “I enjoyed researching different types of Jamaican food. The Pupil Council had a tasting session to see if it was good and it was delicious. Everyone cleared their plates!”

All the main course recipes will be featured on www.scottishschoolmeals.co.uk