Pupils had a ‘reely’ good time at Scottish Country Dance Festival

Scottish Country Dance Festival
Scottish Country Dance Festival

Children had a great time taking part in the fourth Bearsden Primary Schools Scottish Country Dance Festival which opened on October 7 in Milngavie Town Hall.

Milngavie Primary School pupils were invited to take part in the event this year for the first time - and this included 11-year-old Jamie Findlay who uses a wheelchair.

He saw no reason why he should be excluded from all the fun!

Jamie was joined by 400 children from nine primary schools who danced, jigged, reeled, and pah-dee-bahed to the invigorating sounds of John Carmichael and his Scottish Dance Band.

This was the first time most of the children had the opportunity to dance to a live band, and what better way to start, with not only one of the top Scottish bands, but one that has performed with great acclaim all over the world.

The most popular dances were ‘The Dashing White Sergeant’, the ‘Virginia Reel’, and the ‘Flying Scotsman’ with the hall shaking at the rafters with the resounding ‘Woo-Wooo!’ imitation of the famous steam engine.

Patrick Murray, one of the team who taught the primary 7s at Milngavie, said: “Jamie’s an exceptional young lad, who adopted the spirit of the dance right off, dancing every one on the programme.

“Obviously, some practical adaptations had to be accommodated, but the camaraderie of his classmates facilitated these ad hoc by themselves without any specific instructions.”

The Festival is organised in conjunction with the New Kilpatrick Scottish Country Dance Club and supported by the Glasgow Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society whose members help out on the day and in advance to teach the dances. The day was enhanced by a group of young dancers from the Alba Scottish Country Dance Club, showing the next possible step in progressing to the next level.

Event Organizer Walter Proven said, “There was some concern about the change of venue this year, as most schools would have to bus the children to Milngavie. However, not only has the festival proved as popular as ever but the request from two extra schools to take part was accommodated.”