Pupils take a trip back in time to World War II

Youngsters at a Bishopbriggs primary school were transported back to World War II as they re-enacted a scene from history lessons.

Primary 7 pupils at St Matthew’s stepped back in time last week to find out about the life of soldiers on the front line and to stage a mock evacuation.

World War 2 history project

World War 2 history project

Some of the children dressed up as soldiers and others were evacuees.

The past was brought alive for the children courtesy of Dean Bowen, of interactive learning workshop Homefront Histories.

He said: “I have been collecting artefacts since I was 12-years-old and been doing talks to P7 pupils for the past eight years to educate and enhance their history projects.”

The workshop covered a variety of topice, from learning about the thousands of children who were evacuated from cities threatened 
with bombs to air raid shelters and the job of the home guard.

The pupils were shown photos and heard the real stories of the evacuees and got the chance to use their imagination and write a letter home about being an evacuee.

They were also introduced to the equipment and uniforms both the British and German soldiers wore in 
battle and the weapons they used.

Dean said: “At my workshops children can make their own ID cards using cut and paste, and also design a food label for a wartime tin of food.

“They can also work out their family’s weekly food ration.”

P7 teacher at St Matthew’s Shirley Anne McGunnigle said: “The children absolutely loved it.

“It really brought the era of World War II to life for them.

“Museums are great but this was more of a performance, an interactive experience, and it was a fantastic experience.

“The children were given notice a few days beforehand that they were all being evacuated and took up their roles to the full.

“They dressed up, they experienced a bit of what it was like during an air raid with a siren and an incendiary bomb.”

She added: “I would thoroughly recommend Dean’s Homefront Histories.

“This is one of the best World War II activities we have had at the school.”

Dean said: “In between topics we get a couple of air raids, the children stop what 
they are doing and make their way to the nearest shelter until the all clear is sounded.

“Everyone joins in with a song or two and learns how to deal with an incendiary bomb, something civilians were taught by ARPs.

“At the end of the day I present a certificate to the whole class for completing their mission.

If you would like to find out more about Homefront Histories, visit http://www.homefronthistories.co.uk/ or call 01592 611359