Pupils were ‘tooled up’ with a hammer and a metal bar

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A HIGH school was at the centre of a police alert when it was discovered pupils were gearing up for a fight with students from another secondary.

Officers were called to Chryston High after receiving reports that a pupil was allegedly in possession of a knife.

It’s alleged another pupil was in possession of a hammer and one had a metal bar.

Following enquiries police discovered that several pupils were planning to take part in a pre-arranged fight with another school.

Six pupils, aged 12 to 14 years, have now been reported to the Children’s Panel.

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said: “We make the supervision of our pupils a very high priority.

“We repeatedly emphasise through assemblies and the curriculum generally, the absolute need for all pupils to behave decently and responsibly and within the law both within school and within the local community.

“The school responded quickly to information received and contacted the police, who are now investigating the matter.

“Given their involvement, it would be inappropriate to make any further comment at this time.”

Police were called to the school around lunchtime on Tuesday, January 31. They have not confirmed the name of the other school.

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