Quiz election candidates at church debate

Rev Ian McEwan
Rev Ian McEwan

It’s only two weeks until Scotland goes to the polls and, if you are still not sure who to vote for, an event next week could be perfect for you.

A Hustings for the Scottish elections is being held at Baljaffray Parish Church on Wednesday, April 27, from 7.30pm.

At the General Election there was a full house with over 500 attending and it’s hoped there will be another good turnout.

A mix of constituency and list candidates will be ready to take questions in a format similar to question time so organisers are asking people come early so they can enter a question.

Rev Ian McEwan, one of the organisers, said: “We were delighted so many attended at the General Election - it shows there is an appetite for finding out more about the candidates. They were literally standing in the corridors just to hear the debate.

Hopefully people will be just as interested this election and will come and ask questions”.