Rab Noakes is coming to Milngavie Folk Club

Rab Noakes courtesy of Carol Ann Peacock.
Rab Noakes courtesy of Carol Ann Peacock.

Scottish singer/songwriter Rab Noakes is coming to perform at Milngavie Folk Club on Saturday, August 12.

Rab celebrated his 70th birthday and his 50th year of touring this year by launching his EP ‘The Treatment Tapes’ in January.

Early in 2015 Rab was diagnosed with tonsillar cancer. From March to May that year the treatments took place, 30 early morning radiotherapy sessions and two chemotherapy overnights.

The treatment was rigorous and rendered him inactive for a few months. But he didn’t rest for any longer than was necessary and he was soon back in action.

The songs on this EP were written during the post-treatment period and were part of that process.

They were recorded chronologically so their performances reflect that progress. There was one initial session in December 2015 followed by one in April 2016. There’s no self-pity, only defiance, resilience, love, support and wit.

Rab said: “When something like this happens to the likes of me at least I know I’ll probably get a couple of songs out of it.

“It sounds a wee bit flippant and it does puncture the tension a bit.

“Truth is, though, it’s what we do creatively. We utilise experience and observation of, and response to, life’s ingredients, add a helping of imagination and deliver a work.”

Doors open 7.30pm at Milngavie Folk Club, The Fraser Centre, Milngavie. G62 6PA. Tickets £12. http://www.tickets.jmsconcerts.co.uk