Radical shake-up on the bins splits opinion – what’s your view?

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ANGRY residents have already rounded on plans for another shake-up on the bins in East Dunbartonshire.

Shock new plans will see general refuse collected every fortnight – not weekly.

Food waste will, however, still be collected weekly – in a new container . . . a fifth ‘bucket’ for bewildered householders.

That means residents will be asked to separate rubbish into:

* Food waste

* General waste

* Paper/card

* Cans/glass/plastic

* Garden waste

The plans are being viewed by some residents as an uncomfortable ‘echo’ of controversial fortnightly collections introduced by the Lib Dem Administration in 2006.

The scheme was scrapped the following year after a huge public backlash that saw the Lib Dems ousted from power in the council elections.

As of April next year, residents will have four bins and a food waste ‘caddy’ – a bucket with a hinged lid that locks so that it is vermin proof.

The current recycling boxes will be replaced with bins. There will also be the usual bins for general waste and garden waste.

The move is geared towards meeting the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Scotland Regulations.

Councillors approved the changes at a full council meeting last Thursday.

It will cost £1.744m to bring in the new refuse collections, but once in place it will save the council an estimated £475,000 each year – although it will only be £187,000 in 2013/14.

The changes will mean 11 jobs will be axed within the kerbside collection service.

However, it’s proposed that six workers will be given other positions.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “This is not a return to the previous fortnightly collection system.

“Firstly, we have cross-party support for the changes. In addition, food waste will be collected weekly addressing the previous concern that food waste would be lying around for two weeks between collections and we have also listened to residents’ feedback and are replacing the unpopular recycling boxes with bins.”

But one reader posted on the Herald’s website: “Another bin – this is getting out of hand.

“I responsibly stick out my four bins each week, but the prospect of yet another bin, simply to facilitate ‘food’, is a step too far. Councillors

. . . be warned!”

A fellow reader added: “Oh dear, another council administration is facing the inevitable implosion over bin collections. The Lib Dems learned to their cost last time.”

However, there has been support for the plans.

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