Radio competition win really takes the biscuit for Steven

George Bowie
George Bowie

It’s been a ‘cracker’ of a month for a man who works in the biscuit business, thanks to a radio competition.

Steven Friel (36), from Springburn, landed a £10,000 prize in Clyde 1’a ‘Cash Call Extra’ competition.

The United Biscuits employee was given the good news by DJ George Bowie recently.

And he’s now planning what to do with the unexpected windfall.

He said: “It’s fair to say I was completely shell-shocked when I found out I was Clyde 1’s Cash Call Extra winner.

“It’s really not your average phone call.

“After it was announced my phone went wild, I got texts and calls from all my friends and family saying they heard me on the radio!

“Now that it’s sunk in I’m drawing up my wish list for what I’ll spend my money on.

“I’d love to invest in a watch so I’ve been looking into that. I’ve always wanted to go to New York so now I will be able to go on the holiday of a lifetime.”

He also got the chance to meet breakfast host Cassi Gillespie.

Cassi said: “Cash Call was a lot of fun for us throughout September. Cash Call Extra’s £10K prize helped us finish the competition in style.”