‘Rat run’ Loch Road is no-go zone for drivers

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The year-long ban on through traffic in Kirkintilloch’s Loch Road will be permanent, in a move that will be welcomed with relief by local residents.

But some drivers argue the move will simply transfer the local congestion problem elsewhere, and that an all-out ban (apart from residents, and cyclists) is short-sighted .

A council spokesperson said: “For many years residents of Loch Road had voiced their concerns about traffic volumes and speeding motorists, claiming it was being used as a ‘rat-run’. The situation improved following the opening of Initiative Road in 2010, however problems still persisted.”

Now the restriction order brought in last year has been made permanent, after further consultation. Neighbourhood services convener Ashay Ghai said: “We have listened to the residents of Loch Road and I’m glad we found a solution which they are pleased with.

“Over the past year of the trial there has been a massive reduction in through traffic in the area which was our intention all along.”

But some Herald online readers are sceptical. Andy Allan wrote: “Let’s close a road every time someone whinges about it – an appalling policy” .

Andy Whiteford said : “Just close the whole of Kirky. Place looks like a dump.”

Des Hughes wrote: “Of course there’s been a reduction in traffic. The road’s been closed. Is this going to be the solution to all problems with this council? Road’s too busy let’s close it and cause congestion somewhere else. The Townhead junction and roundabout is a nightmare during rush hour now because all traffic goes through there onto the new road.