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No butts – it’s horrible!

WHILE waiting at the traffic lights at Catherine St the other day, I found myself trying to count the number of cigarette butts lying around....and lost count.

If only the council would pay attention to the larger items scattered around our town, viz. the sundry rubbish which has been left to accumulate at the bottom of New Lairdsland Rd and along the grassy verges beneath the Library.

It’s clear to all that the much vaunted “No ifs, no butts” campaign to keep our town presentable is just a gesture which fools no-one.

Sorry to be so negative, but the whole thing is just so much nonsense, when a few council workers could easily be dispatched to remove long-standing (or should that be long-lying) litter, matters which are frequently referred to in these letters, and totally ignored by Mr Devine and his team as they doubtless scour the locality for rogue butt-droppers!

Try the bus stops around Catherine Street for sure -fire success....and extra cash in fines!


37 Muirside Avenue


Parking charges debate

I REFER to your page two article of last week headed ‘Parking charges’ with regard to East Dunbartonshire Council’s Decriminalised Parking Enforcement scheme.

Let there be no doubt these proposals have significant implications, particularly for those who live in Lenzie. It is no surprise, at least to me, that the scheme will not be advanced before the local government elections in May of this year because of its highly controversial nature.

Having looked at the detail of what is proposed I am tempted to call to mind the times during the Second World War when East Anglia was virtually turned into a terrestrial aircraft carrier to provide over 100 airfields to allow for the operations of the RAF and USAAF. That situation was, of course, dictated by the exigencies, fortunately temporary, of war time and is on a different scale of magnitude from the subject of car parking. However, I draw the limited comparison because large parts of the area of Lenzie could be turned into a glorified and officially recognised car park on a permanent basis.

It is my belief that the Council is approaching the problems, associated with large numbers of commuters parking as a precursor to using Lenzie station, entirely from the wrong perspective. One can concede readily that the Council has not caused the problems, of which it is difficult for Lenzie residents not to be aware. Such problems arise from the fact that those responsible for the rail services from Lenzie to Glasgow, Edinburgh and other destinations have singly failed over a prolonged period to ensure that there is adequate parking for their customers.

Rather than covering large parts of Lenzie with a plethora of signs and the painting of lines on roads signifying a range of restrictions, including no parking, time limited parking, resident only parking, parking bays, etc, the clear solution was and is to provide more parking space, which should still be pursued with more enthusiasm and effectiveness by those responsible than has been evidenced so far.

Scotrail’s web site includes a statement by the company’s Managing Director to the following effect concerning funds allocated to station improvements: “The investments underpin our commitment to delivering station enhancements for our customers”.

It is difficult at times for the average onlooker to appreciate and understand who holds funds and how much they hold, which could be utilised for station improvements, among Scotrail, Transport Scotland, Department of Transport, Strathclyde Passenger Transport and indeed our own local authority.

However, substantial sums have been spent on station parking facilities at Carluke, Croy, Patterton, Dumbarton Central and Dalreoch. Thus, money had been made available to improve station parking elsewhere.

I would encourage our Council to get those in authority, primarily responsible for the problems arising, to take more vigorous actions in finding solutions acceptable to the community rather than accepting what has developed into a poisoned chalice and resorting to turning substantial parts of residential Lenzie into an extensive, unwelcome and official station car park.

Ian W Thomson,

Kirkintilloch Road, Lenzie.

Kirkintilloch Town Hall

NOSTALGIA is a wonderful thing and I have a soft spot for Kirkintilloch Town Hall, as I met my husband there, but no amount of money spent will turn back the clock.

Where were all the campaigners during the years of neglect, which led to the closure in 2004 and left us with the ruin which now exists?

The only sensible way forward is to demolish the building and replace it with a more modern structure, which would enhance our run down town centre and give us something to be proud of.

MF, Lenzie.

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