Referendum: Are you registered to vote?

Ballot box
Ballot box

On September 18 this year the people of Scotland will go to the polls to vote in the Independence Refrendum.

Over the coming weeks the Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs Herald, and the Milngnavie and Bearsden Herald, will be pubishing a series or articles from East Dunbartonshire Council’s chief executive and local counting officer for the referendum, Gerry Cornes. Here is the first in the series.

You really would have to have been living on the moon to be unaware that there is a referendum in Scotland on September 18 this year.

The eyes of the world are upon us and it’s the number one topic of conversation down the pub, in the workplace and at the bus stop.

But are you sure you are registered to vote on this historic day?

People in East Dunbartonshire could be missing out on their right to vote in the upcoming referendum without even knowing it, according to Gerry Cornes.

The final deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, September 2, but it’s a good idea not to leave it to the last minute.

Mr Cornes said: “We want to make sure that no-one misses out on their right to take part in the referendum just because they aren’t registered to vote.

“Some people think that you are automatically registered once you pay council tax, but that isn’t the case.”

If you’re not registered, you won’t be able to cast your vote. In October and November 2013, each household was sent two forms by our local electoral registration office, requesting the details of all those who would be eligible to vote.

If you have not received these forms, or would like to be sent new ones, you need to contact the Electoral Registration Office, 235 Dumbarton Road, Clydebank G81 4XJ.

You can find full details at

Mr Cornes added: “We are encouraging anyone who is unsure whether they are registered to vote to act now to avoid any confusion nearer the time. The message is: It’s your vote – don’t

lose it.”