Remember to recycle your food

Ashay Ghai is encouraging residents to recycle their Christmas ''food waste
Ashay Ghai is encouraging residents to recycle their Christmas ''food waste

Residents are being urged to think carefully about how they are going to dispose of excess food after the festivities of Christmas and New Year are over.

Statistics suggest that one fifth of the food and drink we buy ends up being thrown away, costing the average Scottish household £430 a year.

East Dunbartonshire Council launched its weekly food waste collections in May and the service is proving extremely popular with residents. Over 60 tonnes of food per week is regularly collected with a participation rate of over 65 per cent in some areas.

Waste reduction is key to reducing how much we send to landfill and to help increase our recycling targets.

The council is facing increasingly challenging recycling targets and depute leader and convener of neighbourhood services, Ashay Ghai, is keen for residents to continue using their food caddies.

He said: “We are looking at how we can continue to increase our recycling rates and reduce what we send to landfill. Less waste sent to landfill equals less landfill tax.

“We’d encourage all households to look at reducing waste, particularly food, our food waste collection scheme will ensure that it is recycled.

“To date 1599 tonnes of food have been diverted from landfill. That’s an excellent start and I’d like to thank local people for their co-operation and support.

“However, we know that although progress has been made, there is still much that can be done as we work towards achieving the Scottish Government Zero Waste target of 50 per cent recycling.”

Food waste such as leftovers from Christmas dinner and all out of date food after the festive celebrations can be placed in your caddy as normal. However, no liquids or oils should be placed inside.