Remembering anniversary of the great flood

Stone unveiling
Stone unveiling

Broadcaster Sally Magnusson joined residents recently to unveil a commemorative stone to mark the Kelvin Valley flood in 1994 .

The commemorative stone was commissioned by Professor Niall Logan, whose house was flooded in 1994, and is placed at around the highest point the flood water reached as a more permanent memorial to the flood than the tree planted by Magnus Magnusson 20 years ago.

Mr Logan said that “I was aware of the story of the Muckle Ash and felt that the flood should be marked in some way. I felt this was a good way to mark it, to replace the Muckle Ash Tree and have it standing close to the point which the water reached during the flood.

“It was time that some sort of memorial was here so people know why the tree is there rather than being another tree on the roadside so the idea of doing it permanently in stone seemed sensible. It’s not going to be that easy to steal.

“We were pleased that when my wife asked the council if they were happy with us doing this they said ‘yes and we’ll plant some wildflower beds.’”

Sally Magnusson unveiled the memorial as well as delivering a speech about the significance of the memorial to the community and her connection to it through her father.

She said: “I’m proud to have been asked to unveil this wonderful community stone sourced by David Ralston and beautifully carved by Lois Anderson.”

The unveiling was followed by a quick speech by Niall Logan in Baldernock Parish Church.