Repairs demand for ‘danger’ slabs

Robert Louth
Robert Louth

The council is being urged to take action on what are claimed to be dangerous town centre pavements, before more people are hurt.

Accident victim Robert Louth says he lost four months at work after breaking his leg in a fall in the Regent Street walkway area in December, when it was covered with ice.

Seven months later – in pain from serious complications from his injury – he says the Indian sandstone slabs are “a frost trap” and treacherously slippy at any time of year.

Mr Louth, a teacher with the Royal Horticultural Society, said: “I was lucky in a way only to break a leg – next time it could be an elderly person or child slipping and sustaining a life-threatening injury.

He said people trying to help him after his fall also slipped, including a GP from the local surgery.

Now he says he is considering his legal options.

In a separate and more recent incident pensioner Joseph McCabe (85), a former Kirkintilloch bus driver from Harestanes, fell outside Boots at the Catherine Street junction while crossing road to Kerr Street after catching his foot in the kerb.

He suffered a broken nose, required seven stitches on the bridge of his nose, and was left with severe bruising to his face, neck and chest.

His wife Margaret – who wants to thank Boots staff who helped – said: “We want the council to fix the pavement.

“Someone could have been killed if they fell out into the road at this busy junction. “

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services, says surfaces are inspected four-weekly, and the council adheres to a code of practice – and plans to spend £563,000 on their repairs and maintenance this financial year.

She added: “When damage or incidents are reported to us our officers carry out an inspection and arrange for repairs to be carried out where necessary.

“Our winter maintenance plan is in place and we will adapt this and respond to events as they occur.”