Rescuers Spring Into Action

a frog is rescued
a frog is rescued

A GROUP of wildlife enthusiasts have been giving toads and frogs a much-needed helping hand.

Thousands of the amphibians recently took part in a dangerous migration to their annual spawning ponds.

The perilous journey meant the tiny creatures had to cross a busy Market Road, in Kirkintilloch.

Andrew Lenihan, who lives in nearby Blairhill Avenue, decided to carry them to safety - ferrying them over the road in buckets.

He said: “I contacted the Scottish Wildlife Trust who helped me get lots of local people together to run a frog and toad patrol.

“We went out in the evenings and some nights we must have saved up to 300.”

Patricia Stewart, chairperson of the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Clyde Member Centre, said: “We were mainly helping toads that were following their old tradition of travelling from their winter quarters to the vernal pond where they spawn.”

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