Residents long list of concerns over new Milngavie Hub

Milngavie Town Hall
Milngavie Town Hall

Responses to East Dunbartonshire Council’s consultation on the future of the Milngavie Hub are now flooding in.

The council wants to hear from residents regarding two options for the design of the new community facility to be built on the site of the former Milngavie Town Hall.

The plans also include closing Milngavie Community Education Centre, which has stirred up a great deal of concern in the local community.

Several arts and culture groups based at the CE Centre met on July 26 and collated their responses to the consultation, the deadline for which has been extended to August 18.

Malcolm Boddie of East Dunbartonshire Arts and Culture Group, commented: “Representatives of arts and culture groups met recently and are putting together a joint response relating to the lack of consultation, availability of parking, storage and many other concerns that must be taken into account.

“I would urge readers to contact EDC or their elected representatives and ensure the communities’ views are taken into account.”

One parent, who participates in the TimeOut Club, which provides after school, breakfast and holiday daycare services for Milngavie families, said: “Has a Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) or an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) been undertaken in relation to this proposal? If so, can this be made public? 

“Time Out Club helps fulfill children’s rights to safety, health, education, an adequate standard of living and leisure, play and culture. 

“The council has a duty to always act in the best interests of the child. 

“There has been no engagement, no notification, no consultation.”

This is a golden opportunity to make Milngavie a destination for local people and visitors alike as the council has laid out in its Town Centre Strategy. 

Ann Davie, East Dunbartonshire Council’s depute chief executive for  education, people and business, said:  “Four information sessions were held in Milngavie Town Hall on June 26, which were promoted in advance via the local press, council website and social media channels.

“Engagement is ongoing and people are being invited to give their views.

Visit  for full details.

“We are taking into consideration recent comments and concerns raised by

the community and will seek to provide an update as regards engagement next week.

“Any decision on the Community Education Centre will be taken by council –

if and when it is identified as no longer required, based on the needs of

the local area and organisational priorities.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to the consultation can submit their views on how to develop the Hub and Community Education Centre should email before Sunday, August 18.