Residents pay the price of a postcode lottery

Auchinairn Gate
Auchinairn Gate

Angry householders are calling for their postcode to be changed as they struggle to get their children into local schools.

Auchinairn Gate, in Bishopbriggs, was opened in 2013,by Link Housing Association, with the tenants from their own waiting list and East Dunbartonshire Council’s list.

Despite paying council tax in East Dunbartonshire some residents say they are struggling to find places in local schools, cannot get accepted at doctors’ surgeries in Bishopbriggs and even pay higher car insurance.

A house move of just a few metres saw Kirsty Pennington swap from a G64 post code to a G33.

She said: “My car insurance went up by £800. It was the same car, I had been with the insurer for years and had nine years no claims discount. When I queried it I was told it was because my postcode is Blackhill, and I am nowhere near that. My window faces on to Auchinairn Road.”

Kirsty had to put in a placing request for her youngest son to attend Auchinairn Primary, though her older children were already in the primary school.

A neighbour’s daughter spent two years at school in Springburn until a place in Bishopbriggs could be found, and her aunt couldn’t get on a GP list.

Kirsty (32), a mother of four, said: “We pay our council tax to East Dunbartonshire Council so why do we have problems getting into schools and using East Dunbartonshire facilities?”

Another resident Lynn Grimshaw also faced problems when she tried to use the tip in Bishopbriggs.

She said: “The driving licence showed G33 so I was told I shouldn’t be using the tip. I had to go home and get my council tax letter.”

East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of integrated health and social care transition, John Simmons, apologised for the problems.

He said: “We are aware of some of the issues encountered by residents of Auchinairn Gate and we have requested that Royal Mail change the postcode from G33 to G64. Whilst it remains a G33 post code, we will endeavour to ensure that Auchinairn Gate residents enjoy the same level of service as all our other customers.

“Children living in Auchinairn Gate are within the catchment areas for East Dunbartonshire schools and nurseries.

“Anyone who has any concerns about school places should call 0300 1234510.

“People using the recycling facilities at Mavis Valley civic amenity site in Bishopbriggs are advised to bring proof of address as spot checks are carried out from time to time.”