Residents rally to save Waterside's only football pitch

Opposition to an East Dunbartonshire Council decision to build a special school on the site of a village's only football pitch is growing.

Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 1:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 2:05 pm
Vaughan Moody

Waterside residents have formed a campaign group determined to fight to save their pitch.

Although there is widespread support for the additional support needs school, intended as a replacement for Campsie View and Merkland Schools,  many people feel the council has chosen the wrong place to build it.

The council made its decision on November 15 in a full council meeting which was attended by dozens of Waterside residents keen to save the football pitch.

Anyone wishing to express their views has the opportunity to contact the Scottish Government, which has the power to “call in” the decision for review. One supporter of the Waterside villagers is Ian Bowman.

He said: “Under the Primary School Improvement Programme Kirkintilloch Schools were closed in preference to schools in the Bearsden and Milngavie area , even although the schools in Kirkintilloch were further down the hit list based on criteria set by the council.

“It is our opinion that the leadership and administration of East Dunbartonshire Council are biased in favour of Bearsden & Milngavie.”

Joint Council Leader Vaughan Moody said: “Following council’s consideration of our consultation report on the new Additional Support Needs School and agreement to proceed with the proposal last week, in line with the statutory process we have forwarded our report to the Scottish Government for consideration.”

Joint Council Leader Andrew Polson added: “There is a further opportunity for representation to be made to Ministers and anyone wishing to do so should heed the deadline of 5 December.”

Submissions to the Scottish Government can be made by email at  [email protected] or by post to The Scottish Government, School Infrastructure Unit, 2A (South) Victoria Quay, Edinburgh  EH6 6QQ.

Mr Bowman, meanwhile, said further displays of opposition to the plans were currently being decided upon.