Residents warn over Moss flooding dangers

RESIDENTS have warned it is "just a matter of time" before someone is killed on Lenzie Moss after what they claim is years of neglect by East Dunbartonshire Council.


Residents Flood Prevention Group (NEL), was set up two-and-a-half years ago in response to the area becoming more waterlogged and turning into a bog.

In a letter to council leader John Morrison, the group claims that when the Moss was drained in 1995, residents could walk and cycle over all parts of it - but now they cannot.

The letter goes on: "The Moss is now a danger to life and limb. There are parts of Lenzie Moss which are so dangerous that you can disappear into the bog or you can be drowned in it.

"It is just a matter of time before there will be a fatality."

The letter also challenges Councillor Morrison about the lack of danger signs and protective fencing around the Moss.

As a local authority, the council is required by the Flood Prevention and Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1997 to ensure that watercourses are maintained to make sure they are not liable to cause flooding.

But the group believes the council has not done this, and if there is a flash flood, local homes could also be in danger.

They also have concerns about the increased water which will come from the link road and the proposed Woodilee housing development.

This week, council leader John Morrison responded to the group's concerns.

In a detailed letter to the group chairman, he said: "I am sorry you are of the opinion that East Dunbartonshire Council has not been taking the concerns of your group seriously.

"As council leader, I was concerned regarding the serious implications for members of your group in respect of the property flooding that occurred.

"However to date, it has not been technically demonstrated that Lenzie Moss had a significant impact or contributed to the flooding that occurred.

"The council's approach to the Moss and to the flooding has been to commission consultants to ascertain its causes and to provide recommendations.

"As you know, this work is on-going and will be used to technically inform the process.

"In respect of your comments with regard to the risk to the public visiting the Moss, the risks are most seriously taken into account.

"As you may be aware, the council is in the process of providing an all-ability access route around the Moss and to guide them away from those parts of it which may have deeper water.

"The purpose of this is to allow local people, schools and other visitors to safely visit and enjoy the Moss, and to guide them away from the areas of the site which may have deeper water.

"I can assure you that the council will not take any steps which will be detrimental to local residents in