Residents warned to be on their guard from scams

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DON’T fall for the latest scams doing the rounds in East Dunbartonshire.

That’s the warning after an email, claiming to be from the Post Office, was received by a Lenzie resident.

It says you are entitled to receive a tax rebate and to download a form in order for it to be processed.

The resident was told he was entitled to a tax rebate of £143.24.

He said: “I called the Post Office about this and was told that even the chief executive had received the scam.

“They want you to download the form which will ask for your bank account details.

“I don’t even have an account with the Post Office.”

A spokesperson for the Post Office said: “We do not send unsolicited emails to our customers and would never ask them to divulge personal details.

“We would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused and would ask anyone who has received this email to delete it immediately.

“If any customer has any questions or concerns relating to the emails they have received, they should contact our customers services immediately on 0845 722 3344 or visit

Meanwhile, residents have been warned to be on their guard after fresh reports of East Dunbartonshire householders being targeted by telephone scammers.

The con artists pretend to be calling from Microsoft and say that the person’s computer has been infected by a virus.

But the entire exercise is simply a ruse to empty hapless victim’s bank accounts.

An IT support worker, who has clients from Lenzie and Kilsyth who have been taken in by the scam, told the Herald: “People should be aware that nobody from Microsoft or any other organisation will call you out of the blue and ask for personal details.

“You should make absolutely sure you know who you are talking to before giving any information over the phone.”

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