Road accident fears over displaced deer at reserve

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A former gamekeeper has added his voice to protests over the huge tree clearance taking place at popular nature reserve Lenzie Moss.

David Kennedy, who says he was also involved in the Biodiversity Forum in East Dunbartonshire, is concerned displaced deer will cause accidents on nearby roads.

He told the Herald: “It’s all very well trying to reinstate the Moss to what it was 
hundreds of years ago but this can have consequences in the modern day.

“I know this area of the Moss well. I am from Lenzie. They have left the deer with nowhere to go.

“I am concerned road accidents will occur as a result of displaced deer. Roads like Crosshill Road and Boghead Road will be 

But Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services for East Dunbartonshire Council dismissed his claims.

She said: “Lenzie Moss is a valuable and valued local resource and the work we are doing there will enhance and protect it for generations.

“The restoration works should not impact on the 
distribution and dynamics of the local deer population.

“The site is already subject to potential disturbance to deer as it is well used by local residents and dog walkers.

“The deer have historically used the central core area which is generally open, while the woodlands to the north and west have been 
left intact leaving a still 
considerable amount of cover at Lenzie Moss.

“Rehabilitation of the raised peat bog is a key management priority for the site, and the work has been given support by both Scottish Natural Heritage and the Forestry Commission.”