Roadworks on busy route prompt protests from fed-up drivers

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FRUSTRATED drivers and local residents are calling for answers over major roadworks between Kirkintilloch and Muirhead.

The work, on Lindsaybeg Road near Chryston, has been ongoing for several weeks.

One motorist who uses the road regularly said: “This stretch of road was only completed last year after months of upheaval. Now they’re digging it all up again. It doesn’t make sense.

“I would like to know why they are doing it, and how much it is costing the public purse.”

A local resident told the Herald: “I’ve been told they had to realign the road because of poor sightlines. It must be costing a fortune.”

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said: “The works on Lindsaybeg Road are being undertaken to complete the new layout as part of the M80 project.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused as a consequence of the works, which we expect the contractor to complete by the end of the month.”

Tranpsort Scotland say that following a road safety audit, Lindsaybeg Road was opened to traffic last year to allow the construction of the new motorway to progress prior to plans for the local road being finalised.

The spokesperson added: “These plans have now since been finalised and the works are being completed by the contractor. The work will not result in any increase to M80 costs.”

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