Row over wheelie bin charge

Wheelie bin charge
Wheelie bin charge

East Dunbartonshire residents are to be charged £19 to have their grey bins 
replaced if they are stolen, lost or damaged.

The council agreed to the new charge at its recent annual budget meeting – and it has already been proving controversial with residents.

The charge, which comes into force on April 1 this year, was opposed at the budget meeting by SNP councillors.

At the meeting it was heard that the local authority has to replace up to 2,500 grey bins a year – at a cost of £20,000.

A report to the council stated: “Any bins damaged by council vehicles will still be replaced free of charge” and that “waste crews record when bins are lost into the vehicle compaction equipment”.

The report goes on to say that the charge does not apply to recycling, food and garden waste bins, and that housing builders are also to be charged for grey bins for new developments.

The official report states: “New households will be expected to purchase a domestic (grey) bin before recycling bins are provided.”

“The full cost of providing a new or replacement bin is subsidised at present. New and lost bins would be charged at the full price without subsidy, which is £19 per bin, excluding VAT.”

The move sparked a debate on the Herald’s Facebook page.

One woman said: “I’ll just put my rubbish on the pavement if my bin goes missing then. I will not be paying money for it!”

Alexis Stevenson said: “Once again East Dunbartonshire Council have thought of another way to squeeze money out of tax payers.”

Alan Hughes warned that the charge would mean wheelie bins would be more at risk of being stolen, with Michael Maher adding: “Just wait until the next storm and take your pick.”

But Pamela McGoldrick said: “Maybe it will stop people putting them out in storms for them and all their rubbish to get blown about all over the place. If the council are paying to replace bins we’re all paying for it.”

Victoria Kelly added: “Most councils charge for another bin and it costs way more than that. If the bin lorry eats it they won’t charge you. Do people think councils have a pit full of money?”