Rubber sausage leaves Mr Pye feeling queasy


RED-faced supermarket chiefs only offered a dad-of-two an apology and his money back after he found a piece of rubber in a sausage.

Derek Pye (48), from Kirkintilloch, was sitting down to enjoy breakfast with his family when he found the piece of blue rubber mixed in with the sausage meat.

Derek says the sausages were bought from the Tesco store in Kirkintilloch.

The NHS worker said: “I know they are value sausages but that’s ridiculous.

“I’m angry, because it’s really basic food hygiene and obviously Tesco’s suppliers are not doing the checks they should be doing.

“It’s not big enough to choke on, but it’s the principal of the thing, it’s obviously part of the utensil for mixing the sausage meat.

Derek has received an apology and a full refund from Tesco.

The company says it will carry out a full investigation into the incident.

The Tesco spokesperson added: “Ensuring our food is of the highest quality is extremely important to us and we and our suppliers have robust systems in place to prevent foreign objects getting into products.”