Safety fears after car crashes through wall

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Safety concerns have been raised after the latest in a 
line of road accidents involving cars driving too fast near 
Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome.

A wall outside the sports centre was flattened recently by a vehicle travelling down the hill at speed on Balmuildy Road.

Residents say accidents have happened before at the same spot and fear it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

Bishopbriggs Community Council intends to raise the issue at its meeting this week.

Treasurer Gavin Owens said: “The latest accident happened about two or three weeks ago. It was a car coming down the hill. We need a plan of action by the council to put in some traffic calming measures. ”

One angry member of the public living nearby said: “Another vehicle has gone through the corner wall at the Leisuredrome.

“How long will it be before someone innocently walking past is injured? The pavement is a regular route for parents, children and school groups.”

He added: “Over the last few years a number of cars have had accidents here. Perhaps it’s a road sighting issue, or road undulations and conditions over the canal bridge.

“Simply telling drivers to slow down is useless. The nearby pedestrian crossing seems to have had little impact on slowing traffic.

“No doubt the easy answer is to say it’s a speeding issue rather than a roads or council issue. However, something needs to be done to reduce the risk.”

However, Grace Irvine, East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of neighbourhood services, said there were no recorded accidents on the council database over the past three years, up to April.

She added: “There is a vehicle activated sign in place on the approach after the start of the 30mph speed limit.

“The presence of the Leisuredrome entrance and the pedestrian crossing, as well as the access to Hilton Terrace, limit the options for features such as raised tables.

“We will arrange for some new slow markings to be provided on Balmuildy Road on the approaches to the Leisuredrome. The lining was refurbished along the full length of Balmuildy Road/Hilton Road about two years ago and is still in good condition.”