Safety fears over precinct cyclists

Councillor Maureen Henry
Councillor Maureen Henry

A councillor is appealing to

cyclists to stop riding through Milngavie precinct because they are putting elderly folk and young children at risk.

Maureen Henry, a Labour Councillor for Milngavie, has received complaints from two elderly constituents who say they have narrowly avoided being knocked down by cyclists in the precinct.

She said: “One elderly woman who contacted me about this is disabled and she is terrified to walk through the precinct now for fear that she will be run over by a cyclist.

“And after leaving a recent surgery in the precinct I witnessed the problem myself.

“Two cyclists were approaching me very fast and I asked them to dismount from their bikes because they were in a pedestrianised area.

“They didn’t get off their bikes but at least they did slow down a bit. I don’t think they realised the danger they pose.”

She added that many cyclists ignore the signs that request them to get off their bicycle in the precinct and she plans to ask the council for more prominent signs to be erected.

She said: “People get the fright of their life when a bike comes hurtling towards them.

“Cyclists should walk through the pedestrianised area out of common courtesy towards everyone - especially the elderly and wee ones running around near the playpark.

“Some cyclists are using the precinct as a race track - and it’s very dangerous.

“Disappointingly some of them also become abusive when members of the public ask them to stop riding their bike.”

A spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council said: “The signs in Milngavie Precinct are there because it is the law and therefore they are only enforceable by the police.”

A spokesperson for the police said: “We work closely with East Dunbartonshire Council to keep such areas safe. Any dangerous or abusive behaviour should be reported to police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”