Safety measures call after car crash drama

Concerned residents living near the scene of a dramatic road accident are demanding action to make the area outside their homes safer.

A family staying at Waterside Road, Kirkintilloch got the shock of their lives when a car crashed through a fence and wall, and ended up inside the living-room of their semi-detached house.

Lindy and Stephen Wright and their daughter Holly had to be treated in hospital for 
injuries after the traumatic 
accident on October 27.

The family are still waiting to move back into their home which was badly damaged. Mr Wright told the Herald it may be several months before repair work is complete.

A 21-year-old man has been charged with dangerous driving in connection with the incident.

At a recent meeting of Waterside Community Council, residents, including Mr and Mrs Wright,put forward their safety concerns to a visiting police officer.

There were calls for hidden cameras, speed bumps, or a crash barrier at Waterside Road/Bankhead Road.

Local councillor Jack Young, who attended the meeting, told the Herald he understood the concerns of residents.

Councillor Young said: “I will be asking for the council to do a full risk assessment of the area.

“However, I can only do that when the full police report becomes available.

“As you know, there are court proceedings and we are subject to the legal restrictions surrounding this.

“I have written to East Dunbartonshire Police Chief Inspector Rob Hay and asked him to advise me when this happens.

“I have sent a copy of this letter to Mr and Mrs Wright, who were so badly affected by the accident.

“I understand people’s anxieties but until we get this report we cannot move things along.”

Chairman of Waterside Community Council, Bill Lapping, said residents had concerns as there were “far too many cars in the area going too fast in a 20mph limit.”

He added: “Residents are demanding action but we want something done properly about it, not just a quick solution.”

Mr Wright told the Herald: “I love where I stay. I don’t want to move, but the current safety measures on the road are not good enough.

“Something must be done.It should not be up to residents to have to call for action.

“People need to feel safe in their own environment.”

He added he was grateful to Councillor Young for taking up the issue.

Mr Wright said: “He has been absolutely brilliant but unfortunately he has to wait for the police report.”