Safety questions raised over new link road

Kirkintilloch link Road 4.2.11  Picture by Jamie Forbes
Kirkintilloch link Road 4.2.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
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THE opening of a new £30million road has sparked a range of safety fears.

The Herald has been inundated with calls from readers concerned about various aspects of the design of the Kirkintilloch Link Road - including missing fencing on footpaths, confusing roundabout signs, narrow lanes, a lack of speed limit signs, badly-placed speed limit zones, dangerous pedestrian crossings and a blocked right of way.

Lenzie resident Patricia Watson said: “It’s ironic that they can move millions of cubic metres of earth, build through a viaduct and create complex culverts and roundabouts, but they have absolutely no idea about public safety.”

But a spokesperson from Kirkintilloch’s Initiative, who headed-up the project, insisted that they were witing for the result of a recent ‘safety audit’ before commenting on particular issues.

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