Saved: Brookwood Library and Villa

Brookwood Library and Villa
Brookwood Library and Villa

Many residents will be

delighted to hear that Brookwood Library and Villa in Bearsden are no longer being sold off by the council.

The Conservative and Labour ruling administration, supported by the three Liberal Democrat councillors, have reversed their previous decision, when the LibDems were also in adminstration, to sell Brookwood Library, the attached Villa and car park until after 2017.

By this time it’s likely that the new administration will be in place as the local election takes place in May next year.

The LibDems put forward the amendment to save Brookwood Library and Villa from being sold at the council’s budget meeting on Thursday, March 17.

The council says they will now carry out an extensive community consultation on how the building can best be used to serve the community.

Liberal Democrat Council Group Leader Ashay Ghai said:

“This is a big win for the Bearsden community.

“Plans for a hub at the Burgh Hall are progressing but Brookwood will now not be sold as a result.

“There is now an exciting new opportunity to develop the Brookwood site into a new community space serving local people’s needs.

“Bearsden has been waiting for investment for some time and our proposals will lead to new facilities locally for public use. Importantly too, the parking area will also now stay available to the public.”

Independent councillor for Bearsden Duncan Cumming said: “I’m very glad that these three parties have seen the error of their ways and reversed this previous very bad decision to dispose of Brookwood Library and Villa.

“However none of these councillors can take any credit for this decision because it was only due to extreme levels of public pressure and anger from so many local people, along with a petition with 680 signatures.

“Constant lobbying by members of the community and myself ultimately achieved this U-turn.

“I have always opposed selling off this piece of family silver and I’m therefore pleased that common sense has finally prevailed.

“However the Bearsden community will never forget it was the LibDem, Tory and Labour councillors who voted to close Brookwood Library in the first place and create a library facility in the so-called Bearsden Hub at the Burgh Hall.”