Say Happy Easter to the troops

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It’s only early February, but forces charity Support Our Soldiers is already planning an Easter egg campaign for troops serving overseas.

This is because it can take two to four weeks for a gift to wend its way through the Army supply chain to men and women serving in remote locations including Afghanistan and Africa.

Many are nearing the end of a tour, and sending a traditional Easter egg is reckoned a great way of freminding them they’ll soon be reunited with friends and family.

Scottish Co-Operative Funeralcare is allowing many of its branches to be used as handy local “depots” for Easter gifts.

Scottish coordinator Lynn O’Brien said: “At this time of year, with the full support of the MOD, the charity sends out Easter parcels to cheer them up and to remind them they are close to going home.

“We get lots of feedback throughout the year from the troops, who appreciate the generosity of the public in sending a piece of home out.

“They are often overwhelmed by the fact that complete strangers are thinking of their comfort and it can be

humbling to read the letters that are sent from them thanking everyone.

“We are asking members of the public to go along to their local Co-operative Funeralcare with either a creme egg donation or a small 99p Easter egg, as these fit snugly into the boxes we use.

Alternatively they can make a whole box up with a letter of support which will be sent over for them.

The deadline for donations is Friday, March 10.

The Support Our Soldiers charity was founded in 2003 by a group of service families and supporters who came together to provide everything from morale-boosting gifts to practical help on welfare issues.