School crossing concerns in Kirkintilloch

SLC cuts school crossing patrols
SLC cuts school crossing patrols

NOTHING is being done to address safety fears outside two primary schools, claim parents.

Pupils from St Agatha’s and Gartconner primary schools use the crossing on Kirkintilloch’s Gartshore Road when walking home to nearby Waterside.

But the lack of a crossing patroller, nearby parked cars and its position on a bend in the road are a recipe for disaster, according to worried mums and dads.

Lorraine Stirling, who has two children at Gartconner Primary, said: “Last week the council sent a couple of workers out to inspect the crossing, but all they will say is that it is the best place to cross.

“They are more or less blaming the parents, even though when they were inspecting the crossing a young girl almost got knocked down. We’ve told the council that this wasn’t the first time one of the children has nearly been hurt.

“This problem is not going to go away and just blaming the parents isn’t the answer.

“I don’t know how to get any kind of a solution - we seem to be at a complete standstill with the council.”

A council spokesperson told the Herald that letters had been sent to parents asking them to be more considerate when parking near the school.

The spokesperson added: “The crossing area for both schools at present is the safest site for children to cross as they can see both directions. The roads department is still examining all options to safeguard pedestrians.”

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