School day shake-up at St Ninian's?

A KIRKINTILLOCH secondary school has shown interest in plans to revamp the school day.

East Dunbartonshire Council is looking at introducing a 33-period week across the board, which would help deliver the new Curriculum for Excellence programme.

Currently all schools in East Dunbartonshire operate a 30-period week, except Kirkintilloch High School which has 33 periods.

Now, St Ninian's High in Kirkintilloch is undertaking consultation about moving to a 33-period week.

Schools who decide to go ahead with the re-structure will be able to choose the starting and finishing times of the school day.

At Kirkintilloch High School, pupils finish at 3pm on three days and at 3.50pm on two days.

However, concerns about the plans have been raised by the East Dunbartonshire branch of EIS (the Education Institute of Scotland). It is feared that more periods will be too much for pupils and teachers, and that reduced period time will mean less time across the year to complete courses.

A council spokesperson said: "St Ninian's High is currently undertaking consultation about the introduction of a 33-period week. This will include teachers, pupils and stakeholders.

"They will be asked to take part in a survey giving their views."