School facilities are slammed by parents

Milngavie Primary School playground
Milngavie Primary School playground

A parent of a pupil at Milngavie Primary claims the school toilets are in such a bad state that the

children avoid using them.

The mum, who asked not to be named, says the toilets never have any soap or tissue paper and the floor is often wet and muddy.

She said: “They are really disgusting so lots of pupils don’t want to use the toilet.”

It’s also claimed that the playground is covered with potholes which fill up with pools of water after heavy rain.

Another parent, Victoria McIntyre, said: “Milngavie Primary has hardworking, dedicated, caring teachers who are doing an excellent job educating and caring for our children.

“My issues are with the lack of funding from the council to maintain the school grounds and property.

“The toilets are in desperate need of upgrading. On the first week back from summer holidays the infant toilets had no hot water.

“A bad smell comes from the toilets and when the care commission inspectors were at the school earlier in the year the male inspector commented on the poor condition. However, maintenance of building was not highlighted in his report.

“The school playground requires to be completely resurfaced with drainage improvements. The surface is very uneven and our kids are often falling over, resulting in cut and bruised legs. When we have rain the infant playground is flooded and cannot be used.”

Neil Baxter said: “The playground is a disgrace. The uneven surface is dangerous, especially with small children running around, and it should be relaid.”

Robert Simmonds raised a similar problem at Mosshead Primary in Bearsden, saying the school football pitch “looks like a swimming pool”.

Director of neighbourhood services, Grace Irvine, said: “We are aware that the toilets at Milngavie Primary School are in need of attention and they are scheduled for refurbishment in 2016/17. No issues have been raised to the school about a lack of soap and toilet paper and the toilet areas are inspected on a regular basis.

“The playground is inspected regularly and since carrying out repairs there has been no further reports of an unsafe surface. However, we will conduct a follow up inspection and carry out repairs if action is required.

“Unfortunately, due to the sustained heavy rainfall we have been experiencing, the pitches at Mosshead Primary School have flooded. This can often be an issue with outdoor play areas at this time of year.”