Schools invited to an interactive lesson about fishkeeping

Schools are invited to take part in interactive lessons about fishkeeping.
Schools are invited to take part in interactive lessons about fishkeeping.

Schools are being given the chance to take part in an interactive learning experience about fish at Dobbies Garden Centre in Milngavie.

Scotland’s award-winning aquatic retailer, Fishkeeper Scotland, will be at the store on Saturday, May 27 to celebrate the opening of its 14th Scottish store with the launch of a school initiative, where a classroom can learn everything they need to know about being a responsible fishkeeper, with their own aquarium.

In association with aquatic specialists Fluval, the initiative, entitled Fishkeeper Fry, is an interactive learning experience for school children aged seven to eight, aimed at opening their eyes to the underwater world with an in-class aquarium, a teacher learning guide and a series of videos, spanning 8-weeks, with a different topic each week, covering every essential step to fishkeeping.

Children will learn everything from setting up an aquarium, including choosing the right location and equipment and fishkeeping etiquette to the benefits of having plants in an aquarium and how to feed the fish.

The guide also comes with a ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’ award for the pupil who has engaged the most with the week’s topic and shown a real interest to learn.

Certificates will also be presented at the end of week eight to each child in the classroom for taking part in the initiative.

Colin Christian, Regional Director of Fishkeeper Scotland, said: “This is a great opportunity for school children to learn about the wonderful world of fishkeeping with their very own classroom aquarium, full of a fantastic selection of fish, all sizes, shapes and colours, from around the world.

“It’s also a great way for them to get a deeper understanding of the importance of marine life and how to be a responsible fishkeeper, which I am sure they will really enjoy.”

The new Fishkeeper Scotland store will stock over 5,000 exotic invertebrates and tropical freshwater, marine, coldwater and pond fish from around the world, including Central and South American Cichlids and other species rarely seen in Scotland.

They will host a special fundraising launch weekend for Scottish SPCA, which includes a ceremonial ribbon cut at 9am on Saturday, May 27, with the first 25 customers on the day receiving a goody bag worth over £25 each and various competition and discounts throughout the weekend.

Schools are invited to send details in writing to outlining why they should be the lucky classroom to take part by May 22.