Schools set to get an IT upgrade

Up to £600,000 is being spent on bringing school pupils up to date with the latest computer and wireless internet technology.

A modernisation programme is being rolled out across East Dunbartonshire schools in the coming weeks and months.

It will include the replacement of 1,000 computers and improved wi-fi access.

There will also be more mobile devices, including tablet computers, used in classrooms by pupils and by teachers as part of their day-to-day work.

Security measures will also be upgraded to ensure safe and responsible use of the internet in schools.

The improvements have already taken place in secondary schools and are expected to be completed in primary schools across East Dunbartonshire by the start of August.

Councillor Eric Gotts, convener of East Dunbartonshire Council’s education committee, welcomed the technological investment being made.

He said: “The council has made a significant financial investment to roll out this programme and already we have seen some fantastic developments, particularly within our secondary schools.

“Similar advances towards a more flexible and dynamic ICT environment to meet changing educational needs within our primary schools have already begun and we look forward to this being completed by the start of the new school year.”