Seagulls swoop in to cause trouble in East Dunbartonshire.


Nesting seagulls are starting to causing problems across East Dunbartonshire - creating noise, mess and swooping on passers-by.

Delivery men and women are understood to be avoiding certain streets after being attacked by the aggressive birds.

Meanwhile residents have started to be woken up by early-morning squawking.

It’s a problem that seems to be getting worse with every passing year.

Vice President of Burnbrae Residents Association, Victor Budas, said: “This has been a serious problem for a number of years and we’d encourage people not to put food out for the seagulls in a bid to get rid of them.

“Once seagulls establish a nest they will return year after year and once their eggs hatch they become very aggressive to protect their young.

“The postwoman in Bearsden has experienced so many problems that she was told she didn’t have to deliver in some streets any more.

“Some people found it impossible to hang their washing out and one man was too frightened to take out his bins.

“One taxi driver was attacked every time he went home after a nightshift - so it was even happening during the night.”