Search is on to find community champions

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THERE’S no doubt about it . . . HERALD readers are immensely proud of their communities, and rightly so.

In recognition of the fantastic work that’s carried out by volunteers, community groups and individuals to improve the areas they live in, the Herald has relaunched its Civic Pride community campaign.

We want to know about all the good things that are happening in your area.

From community groups that provide help for the elderly, vulnerable and those less fortunate than themselves, to individuals who go the extra mile to help a neighbour - we want our army of readers to tell us about them.

Businesses too can play a huge part in making our communities something to be proud of.

Each week we will be featuring a local group or individual who demonstrates the community spirit that makes a real difference.

Herald editor Jim Holland said: “We often hear of the negative things that are going on in the community, and it’s our duty to report on them.


“But there are also many, many positive things happening too.

“We want our readers to let us know about community groups, individuals and businesses that are making a positive difference in the community and to the local environment.

“It could be something as simple as a litter pick or a school that has worked hard on an eco project.

“It could be an individual who clears away the snow and ice on a pavement in their street or the team that cleans off graffiti on buildings.”

The campaign links up with East Dunbartonshire Council’s Civic Pride Initiative and has been backed by council leader Rhondda Geekie.

She said: “This is a really worthwhile campaign and one which the council is very pleased to support.

“The Civic Pride initiative aims to nurture an improved sense of pride and identity for East Dunbartonshire and its residents, and this community campaign will highlight the fantastic work being done by groups and individuals who are already working to improve the areas in which they live.”


Provost Eric Gotts commented: “The community pride campaign is an excellent way for us to commend those people who give time and effort to improving the areas in which they live and we are delighted to give this campaign our full support. We look forward to seeing the nominations.”

Billy Hendry, convener of the council’s development and infrastructure committee, added: “There are many outstanding citizens in East Dunbartonshire who work hard to improve their communities and their contributions are invaluable. We would encourage people to nominate those individuals, community groups or businesses who are making a real difference and we hope the community campaign will inspire others to do the same.”

Send nominations to: Civic Pride Initiative, Herald Offices, 11 Dalrymple Court, Kirkintilloch G66 3AA. Or e-mail: