Search on for unsung heroes

Milton of Campsie Parish Church. stirling Hall. Opening Ceremony
Milton of Campsie Parish Church. stirling Hall. Opening Ceremony

A group of enthusiastic volunteers are collating a roll of honour of every Milton of Campsie resident who served in either world war.

The Milton of Campsie Historical Society, which was set up in March, already has 20 members and is collecting information on a wide variety of local history matters.

But the current main project is the roll of honour.

Member Morag Campbell said that they hope to put together a comprehensive list of everyone involved.

She explained: ‘‘We have the war memorial, which has the names of all the people who died in the first and second world wars, but we would like information on everyone who served in the wars, whatever their role. We know that 80 per cent of people who served in world war one came home, we want to know about them. We want everybody in the village, whatever their role, including things like Land Girls, to be recognised.’’

The historical society is also looking for old photographs, including school photographs, to add to their archives, and are compiling a history of industry in the area.

Morag added: ‘‘Our Facebook page already has an article on the history of Thomas Muir, who was born in Birdston, Milton of Campsie, and another one to come on the history of the fever hospital.’’

Thomas Muir was a political reformer who was instrumental in encouraging the establishment of parliamentary reform societies, leaving a lasting legacy.

The industrial history of the Blane Valley, which was home to six distilleries, a mine, mills and a tartan factory, is also fascinating the members.

The businesses were served by the Blane Valley Railway, which connected the village with Edinburgh and Glasgow before closing in 1959.

If you want to join you can go to the meetings at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month at Milton of Campsie village hall. If you want to submit names, information or photos phone the chairman Jim Campbell on 01360 311806 or email Find them on Facebook by searching for ‘Milton of Campsie’.

Items can also be dropped into the community council post box.