Secret of a long life can be found ... in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs?

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LIVES are longer in Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and Bishopbriggs than in any other part of Scotland . . . and that’s official!

A new report by Audit Scotland also reveals that areas just a few minutes away from East Dunbartonshire have the WORST life expectancy in Scotland.

A new report on health inequalities reveals nearly 10 years of a difference between people living in communities such as Springburn and Lenzie.

According to the latest stats, women in East Dunbartonshire can expect to live to nearly 82 on average, with men hitting 77.6.

However, in Glasgow North East – which includes areas such as Springburn, Royston, Easterhouse and Shettleston – men have an average life expectancy of just 68.5, with women living to 75.9.

The report reveals continuing issues around poverty and ill-health. Deprivation is the key factor, although age, gender and ethnicity also come into play.

Nearly four time as many people smoke in deprived areas than in more affluent places, with nearly eight times as many people admitted to hospital for alcohol-related illness in poorer areas.

The East Dunbartonshire Community Health Partnership (CHP) area is above the Scottish average in terms of life expectancy for both men (75.4) and women (80.1).

In terms of affluence, it is second only to Aberdeenshire CHP. Just 8.5 per cent of East Dunbartonshire CHP is classed as income deprived – compared to nearly 29 per cent in Glasgow North East.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie stressed the importance of different services and bodies working hand in hand – including the council, health authority and more.

She said: “The age profile of East Dunbartonshire makes it imperative that partners work together to make sure people who are living longer have a good quality of life.

“In the areas where the story is not so positive we are all working closely to make sure all our residents have the same opportunities to develop their potential.”

Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP Fiona McLeod said: “The ‘Health Inequalities in Scotland’ report delivers continued good news for people living in East Dunbartonshire.”

She stressed the important work being led on health by the Scottish Parliament – including action to reduce smoking and alcohol abuse, and to increase activity.

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