Selfish parkers putting children’s lives at risk

Oak Drive
Oak Drive

Worried residents are hoping for a crackdown on “selfish” parkers endangering childrens’ safety near a primary school.

The Herald have received several complaints about motorists regularly parking on ‘keep clear’ zig-zag lines on Oak Drive, in Lenzie.

The main culprits are said to be parents of pupils from nearby Lenzie Moss Primary who drop their children off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.

It’s causing a hazard to children walking to school and a real headache for local householders - who now want the council’s team of ticket-issuing community wardens to target the area.

One resident said: “Two weeks ago I had to shout to a child whose mother had stopped on the zig-zag lines to drop the child off.

“Instead of waiting till her mother had driven off, she went round to the back of the car and was about to cross the road whereby she would have been knocked down by a car coming out from behind another parked car.”

She added: “This morning I challenged a man who blatantly parked on the lines on the turn of the road. He told me he was not causing a hold up - but what he was causing was a blind spot for any child trying to cross the road.

“If they are not parking on the zig-zags in the morning, at three o’clock they are sitting with their engines idling and their exhaust fumes going in the windows of the people who live in the flats.

“Maybe the traffic wardens should start on Oak Drive and hit these ignorant people where it hurts. It might just make them less selfish.”

Diane Campbell, director of governance and regulation, refused to say whether wardens would be specifically deployed to Oak Drive, but said all complaints would be looked into.

She said: “East Dunbartonshire Council is committed to Decriminalised Parking Enforcement to reduce inconsiderate and dangerous parking, and improve safety for all road users.

“Areas where inconsiderate parking causes safety issues or reduces access to town centre amenities will be targeted.

“In terms of schools, if there is mandatory lining in place the wardens can issue tickets.

“If the lining is advisory the wardens are not able to issue fines.

“Residents with concerns can e-mail”