Set a date to order calendar

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Residents who need a calendar to remind them when their various bins will be picked up have been told to get in touch with waste chiefs.

Waste calendars for 2015-2016 are now available for East Dunbartonshire householders to order.

In previous years these have been distributed to all homes in the area, but a decision was taken this year to print fewer and only distribute to those who requested one - as well as putting the calendars on-line at

The calendars provide residents with information about what bins are collected on what week, up until the end of March 2016.

There will be no change to the current service and bin days will stay the same for all residents.

Green garden waste collections have been running since the beginning of April and will continue until November.

Councillor Ashay Ghai, depute leader of the council and convenor of neighbourhood services, said: “We now have the calendars in stock for anyone who would like to order one.

“The process of printing and distributing one to every home was very costly and it was felt this year, with no changes happening, it would be better to order a smaller amount to send to those residents who needed one.

“The calendars are also available on our website, which included a guide to working out what waste route your home is on.”

Councillor Ghai added: “East Dunbartonshire Council has one of the most successful garden waste collection schemes in the country.

“Last year with the help of residents, we composted nearly 10,000 tonnes of garden waste which would previously have gone to landfill. This is clearly good news for the environment.

“It also saved the Council having to spend on Landfill Tax.”

Residents can put the following garden waste into their green bins: grass cuttings; hedge trimmings; garden weeds; leaves; flowers and plants; bark; sawdust; wood shavings; and branches and twigs.

Items which should not be placed into green waste are plastic bags, plant pots, fencing, food waste, stones or rubble.