Sharp drop in parking tickets

Parking problems
Parking problems

New community wardens issued 114 parking tickets during their second week on the streets - a 37 per cent drop from the first seven days.

The tickets - which levy a £30 (£60 if not paid within two weeks) on illegal parkers - were slapped on windscreens across East Dunbartonshire between April 9-15.

It’s a sharp drop from the 180 issued in the first week.

Possible explanations for the fall include that people are now parking more responsibly, or that wardens are already spending less time enforcing restrictions.

But there’s evidence that the latter is the case.

On Facebook Herald reader Pamela Cook said: “The first week - they were there every time you turned round.

“The second week - I have seen them once, and otherwise they were conspicuous by their absence - because all the cars were parked up from Gregg’s to Dominos in Kirkintilloch again.”

Diane Campbell, the council’s director of governance and regulation, said: “The response from local residents, traders, pedestrians and motorists continues to be positive in terms of parking enforcement.

“Community wardens are helping to reduce inconsiderate and dangerous parking, and improve safety for all road users. The amount of fines issued in the second week is less than the first, despite remaining a key focus for our team, which suggests that DPE is already having a positive effect on parking behaviour locally.

“The team’s responsibilities also include community safety and environmental issues, such as dog fouling, littering, smoking control, operating the Anti-social Behaviour Night Noise Service and supporting youth diversionary activities.

“Resources will be managed to ensure they are targeted as efficiently and effectively as possible - with parking one of the priority areas going forward.”