Shock as 74 half-bottles of vodka are found at playpark

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FED-up residents took matters into their own hands when they declared war on litter . . . but they were stunned by the haul of empty booze bottles.

Locals filled 24 bags with litter during a clean-up operation in Torrance.

Volunteers collected an astonishing 74 empty half bottles of vodka in one area of a play park.

The Herald reported last week that the residents were taking matters into their own hands to remove litter from the streets.

Cathy McInnes was one of the residents taking part in the clean-up.

She said: “Members of the community and local Girl Guides joined us to tackle the mess in several areas of the village. We filled around 24 bags and the mess was even worse than we originally thought. I stopped counting at 74 empty half bottles of vodka in only one area of bushes in the play park.”

Cathy added: “The dog mess everywhere is unbelievable. There is no need not to pick up dog mess since free poop scoops are available from Torrance Post Office and there are dog bins throughout the village.”

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