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Growing success
Growing success
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The first meeting of the new session of Kirkintilloch Horticultural Society will be held on Thursday, 18th September, at 7.30pm in Enterprise House, Southbank Industrial Estate, Kirkintilloch.

The speaker will be Leslie Pryde from Falkirk and his topic will be “Alpine Troughs”.

Kirkintilloch Horticultural Society held a successful Annual Show in St. Mary’s Church Halls on Saturday, 23rd of August.

The results were:

Dahlias:- Best Exhibit- Frank Fraser; Most Points - Frank Fraser.

Roses :- Best Exhibit - Robert Paterson; Most Points - Robert Paterson

Gladioli:- Best Single Spike - Maxwell Drummond; Best Vase - Maxwell Drummond

Cut Flowers :- Best Exhibit, Anne Carswell; Most Points - Drew Watson; Best Exhibit, Class 59 - Drew Watson

Pot Plants :- Best Exhibit, Class 60 - Drew Watson

Fuchsias :- Classes 61-63, Best Exhibit - Drew Watson

Begonias :- Classes 64-66, Best Exhibit - Paul Malcolm

Mixed pots :- Classes 67-84, Best Exhibit - Paul Malcolm

Bonsai :- Best Exhibit, Anne Cairney

Orchid :- Best Exhibit, Susan Keys

Pot Plants - Most Points, Classes 60-87, Anne Cairney

Vegetables:-Classes 90-124- Best Exhibit, Maxwell Drummond; Most Points, John Brown; Best Exhibit, Class 118, Ian Morton

Children, Classes125-138:- Best Exhibit, Jocelyn McKenzie; Most Points, Jocelyn McKenzie

Bonsai, Madison Black

KHS Geranium, Class 137,Andrew Tinto;KHS Geranium Class 138, Freya Tinto

Domestic:- Classes 140-180, Best Exhibit - Wendy Bryson; Best Exhibit 148-163, Marjory Morton;

Classes 164- 180, Best Exhibit - Lesley Freeland; Most Points, June McCann

Most Points in Show - West Carlston Voucher, John Brown

Best Exhibit in Show - Frank Fraser