Sled dogs team leads the way in charity trek

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A Bishopbriggs woman and her three huskies are taking part in a 96-mile trek along the West Highland Way to raise funds for a dog charity.

Bazza, Bindi, Cruize and their owner, Fiona Anderson, aim to complete the world famous walk in just nine days along with their friends from a husky and malamute walking group.

Fiona Anderson said: “Huskies are the ‘in’ dog just now because of the Game of Thrones TV programme.

“They’re soft, cuddly and affectionate dogs, but they need a lot of exercise at the same time. They’re big softies but they get to a certain age and people can’t cope with them.”

Fiona and her friends will be raising funds for the Saints Sled Dog Rescue charity.

She wants to highlight the fact that a good knowledge of the breed is needed and thorough research should be done before getting one.

Volunteer at Saints Sled Dog Rescue, James Tait (52), said: “These dogs have a great nature, if given the right homes and the right people to raise them.

“They are well known to be loyal, but they need to be worked or walked.

“Many people expect that they can just be kept as a pet, without giving them the exercise that they need, which is why there are so many in rescue centres today.”

Saints Sled Dog Rescue is one of many rescue centres inundated with requests to take the dogs into their care.

Funds raised from the West Highland Way walk will be go to Saints Sled Dog Rescue charity to help with the cost of neutering, vaccinations and adoption fees for rescue Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.

During the trek the dogs will sleep in a specially adapted van every night, which will be driven from each pit stop.

Organisers of the walk have also had to call ahead to farmers along the way as it is lambing season and there are certain fields the dogs won’t be able to go through, meaning they will have to take the long way round.

If you would like to foster or adopt a dog and help fundraise for the walk, visit