Smashing boost for tennis aces in Stepps

Stepps Tennis Club
Stepps Tennis Club
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DELIGHTED tennis players are raising a racket after being served up a six-figure funding boost.

Stepps Tennis Club has scooped grants totalling £184,000 from groups including sportscotland, Viridor Credits Scotland, the Robertson Trust, the Lawn Tennis Association and the Environmental Key Fund to upgrade its facilities.

The club, which has more than 170 members, had been struggling to compete with rivals because its old blaes courts could only be used during the summer.

It will now use the cash to install three new state-of-the-art, all-weather tennis courts, fencing, floodlighting and a car park so members can compete during the winter months.

The club has also received £10,000 from North Lanarkshire Council and North Lanarkshire Leisure to repair and re-roof its clubhouse.

President Norman Fitzpatrick said: “The club is delighted to be receiving financial assistance from sportscotland and all the other key funders for this project.

“The award will not only help preserve, but will greatly enhance this important community facility.

“Our old blaes courts were a big stumbling block because we could only play on them during the summer months, but now we can play throughout the year.

“It will be a real boost for the community.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s been worth it. We can’t wait to get out there and start playing.”

The new courts will allow the club to host tennis competition league matches, coaching sessions and practices.

The club, which provides a range of courses and training for adults and youngsters aged four to 16, will unveil its new courts and facilities at a special open day on Saturday, June 2, at 2pm.

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